Keep your website maintained

If your old website designer has vanished or gone out of business then you may have been left in the lurch with your website and struggling to update the pages with new information or change product prices or images. This is where our hard working Pattaya based web design agency can help you and your business.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a critical aspect of website design because keeping websites fresh with new and improve text, images, prices etc can significantly aid your online store or business website and keep customers engaged with fresh new data.

All websites that we build have a backend admin area otherwise known as a CMS or Content Management System whereby you can maintain your website through a very easy to use customer control panel.

Via the backend web maintenance area you can also perform vital security updates by updating any plugins your website will have installed plus your latest version of WordPress. Although all websites we build come installed with an auto-update plugin that will perform major security updates automatically behind the scenes. You will still need to login regularly to update any plugins that require manual updates but don’t worry as it’s a simple process that just requires a few clicks to confirm to update.


Our well trained and experienced web design staff working at our web design agency in Pattaya and sub office in Bangkok are experts in the field of web design and this includes maintaining websites of any kind. So simply get in touch with our web design agency in Thailand as we will be happy to assist you anytime.