Secure your website and boost sales

SSL Certificates are fast becoming a necessity for all websites online and required to protect your online customers from fraud with insurance. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to a website. When installed on your web server where your website is located, you will notice a secure padlock next to your domain name with the https protocol, thus allowing secure connections from a web server to a browser.

In the past if your website didn’t collect sensitive data such as credit card transactions or online contact forms then you may not have needed an SSL certificate installed. However, now it is vital your website is secure as many sites are getting blocked by search engines or browsers with warnings.

Why you must install an ssl certificate

In the past, SSL certificates were primarily used on websites that collect sensitive data such as credit card numbers and transactions or online contact forms with personal details. The security installed protected and insured both you and the website from prying eyes.

Nowadays, if you do not have an SSL certificate installed, more and more browsers are warning their users that a website is not secure and thus preventing many of your customers from accessing your website.

Even more importantly is search engines like Google are giving better rankings to those websites with SSL certificates installed than to those sites without. After all, this makes perfect sense as search engines want to list the best and most secure websites first to give their users the safest experience.


Having an SSL certificate installed on your website is such a small price to pay when you consider all the benefits this will bring. Some of the most noticeable benefits of an SSL certificate are:

  • Protection Against Hackers
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • You’re More Trustworthy to Users
  • Chrome Displays Your Site Properly
  • Improved Site Speed

It goes without saying that these benefits are vital for any online business regardless of it’s size or stature.

Benefits of an SSL certificate are huge
SSL certificate for your Thai business

If your website is starting to lose it’s page rank, get less hits or fewer enquiries coming in then there’s a strong possibility this has something to do with your website not being secure.

It is true that Google are starting to punish websites that do not have SSL certificates installed. Or rather, they are giving more prominence instead to those sites that do. This is understandable because search engines very purpose is to list the most “trustworthy” websites first because they want to give their customers the safest and best experience. recommend you contact us to get your SSL certificate installed ASAP or risk losing valuable website traffic, custom and sales.