We can build websites in multiple languages

Thailand is home to many people of many nationalities and not all of them are fluent in the English language. Having a website designed in multiple languages can significantly boost business sales and bring in more website enquiries. So whether you need a website designed in Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or any other language, can build your multi language website with ease.

Multiple Language Translation

There are many benefits to having a website built with multiple languages and especially when carrying out business in Thailand. If you take Pattaya City for example, you will find many Chinese, Russian, Korean, European and Asian tourist who make up a huge percentage of travellers to and from the city. So having a website that also has their own language can spur them on to use your services.

There are 2 ways in which you can have a website with multi languages. The cheapest and easiest option is to use a Google translate button. This will install a language plugin and button on every web page where your website visitors can click to translate to the language of their choosing.

The other option is the harder but more accurate and advanced way and that is to manually edit every web page into the language of your choice. Via WordPress this is easy since on the web page you would just click for example the Russian flag and then edit the text on that page into Russian.


You can boost your company sales or reach a wider audience if you have  website designed in multiple languages. Remember, in Thailand there is currently an influx in visitors from both China and Russia and so designing a website with both these languages can bring in more business to your Thai establishment.