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If you wish to sell products online then you will need a professional custom-built e-commerce website. Your customers will use your business and buy products from your web store only if they trust your online business. This is why the first impression of your website is vital to the success of your business.

Our skilled website development team will work alongside you to create and build a custom ecommerce website design specifically tailored for your brand, your target market, but most importantly the customers who will feel confident to buy from your website. We have built and worked with sites in a huge range of E-commerce platforms, including OpenCart, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and Shopify. All the ecommerce websites we build are mobile responsive as standard.

E-commerce web design Pattaya

An eCommerce website must be easy to use, process payments securely and showcase your products in the best way possible. Online shopping has got more and more popular over the years and many of us now spend more time shopping online as it’s a very convenient way to buy products.

All eCommerce stores we build have an easy to use admin backend system making updating and management of your ecommerce website simple and stress free. You will be able to view every order in real time and update your clients on progress with only a few simple clicks. are highly experienced at building eCommerce websites and primarily use WooCommerce which is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform suitable for all  online web stores.

E Commerce Features

Some of the features you can get with our ecommerce web design packages

Manage Content

All e-commerce websites we build have a backend admin area where you can login to easily manage and update your content such as product description, product prices, product images and other features such as stock control, special offers or add a new product line. Managing your store has never been so easy to do.

Responsive Design

Your customers will not just be using their laptop or desktop PC to view and make orders via your website. So we make sure your e-commerce web store is built with all your users in mind with a fully responsive design that will work on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and all screens of all shapes and sizes. We have it covered.

Payment Gateways

All e-commerce stores or online shops need to be able to accept payment for their products online using secure payment gateways with payment processing companies such as PayPal or World Pay. Your ecommerce store will have easy set up to the payment processing company of your choice so you can accept credit card and debit card payments.

Order Management

Managing orders, sales, customers, invoicing and more is easy with your ecommerce web store and can be accessed, controlled or edited with just a few clicks of a button via your backend admin control panel. Order management has never been so easy to use so you can relax with peace of mind knowing you have everything easily accessible.

Domain, Hosting & SSL

All ecommerce sites we build are entitled to a free .com domain name and hosting for one year as standard. Customers can also upgrade with extra security by purchasing a secure SSL certificate for their domain name giving their website more credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of their shoppers and search engines who list their site pages.

Support & SEO

All sites have free customer support for 6 months as standard meaning we are here by your side to assist with any problems you may have in relation to your website. Web hosting support will always be free for as long as your site is hosted by PATTAYA MEDIA. You can upgrade your account with one of our SEO packages to help boost your site too.

Here you can find some questions and answers about our e-commerce services
General Questions
Are ecommerce websites and online stores the same?

E-commerce websites, online stores and online shops are all the same thing.

Have you designed any ecommerce websites before?

Yes we have. We have built and designed many ecommerce websites for many companies in Thailand in many business industries such as health and beauty, medicine and pharmaceutical, body and fitness, food and drink, garment, retail, financial and many more business industries in Pattaya, Thailand and abroad.

What should I call my online shop?

The domain name you use for your online web shop can either be an abbreviation of your company name, your full company name or any catchy name that you think will be suitable. If 20 years ago you told your friend over a coffee or a beer that you think the name “Google” or “Yahoo” or “Bing” are suitable names for an online business, your friends might have laughed at you and thought you were crazy.

Any name can be marketed to be remembered and the most silly sounding names can be the most famous in the world. So don’t worry too much about the name of your store as the success of your online business will come down to how much time and energy you put into it into making it work.

But of course, if you had a specific product you were selling to a specific market in a specific country such as “Bird Cages in Thailand” then it’s safe to say an appropriate name for your online business could be “” or “”.

Will my website belong to me?

Yes of course. You are the legal owner of your website once you have paid the balance for the design. You must ensure you renew your domain name and web hosting every year to retain ownership and keep your ecommerce store online.

Why should I choose your web design company?

We are known in Thailand and especially Pattaya as the most famous web design agency in Pattaya who can bring your web business a great return of investment. We back up what we do with a web design portfolio that can’t be matched.

For more information, see our Why Choose Us page.

Are you the best web design company in Pattaya?

In our opinion yes! But of course we are going to say that with a big cheeky grin. But we genuinely value our level of service so highly that we believe we are the best web design company in Pattaya without question. You find a better web design agency in Pattaya than ours and I’ll find you a pig that can fly. We are so good, even the other Pattaya web design companies come to our website for ideas to copy our work and our text.

E-commerce Design Questions
How do you build ecommerce websites?

Almost all the e-commerce websites we build are built using WordPress alongside the most popular ecommerce plugin called Woo-Commerce. This plugin has a wide range of features especially suited for basic to the most advance ecommerce web stores.

Who adds the products to my store?

How many products we add for you to your store will depend on the Thai ecommerce website package you choose and ultimately the total cost you pay. The more products to add, the more money it will naturally cost. However, we advise you to manage and add products to your store to both save costs and manage your online business yourself. You will be more successful this way.

Can I update my products or pages myself anytime?

Yes you can and we encourage you to manage your store yourself to save costs and help your business grow.

Can my store be in multiple languages?

Yes it can. Many of our website design customers have ecommerce stores in multiple languages such as English, Thai, Russian and Chinese. You can have as many languages as you would like. Of course you will be in charge of any translation work.

Please note: It is impossible to completely translate every single word. In that instance, you would need multiple websites of the same design. However, as with most multi language websites, around 95 – 98% can be translated.

Do you sell pre-built ecommerce websites?

At this moment in time we do not sell pre-built ecommerce web design templates in Thailand. All ecommerce websites are custom built and designed.

What are the best products to sell to make money online?

Please visit our What is the best online business to make money in Pattaya article as this will explain about making money online.

Payment & Billing Questions
How do I get paid through my store?

You will need to set up an account with a company like PayPal who will process your ecommerce store payments and hold the money for you until you are ready to them withdraw the money from the payment processing company to the bank account you have registered with them. Your bank account can be in Thailand or your home country.

What are your payment terms?

We accept payment by debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers. When you sign up you will need to pay 50% upfront with the balance due when your site goes live. Credit or Debit card charges will incur an extra 3% charge.

How much will my ecommerce website cost?

We advertise our web design prices on our website and if you can’t find a price or package to suit your requirements then we suggest you contact staff to get a FREE website design price quote.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your services in 3 ways. The best option is payment via bank transfer to our business bank account with SCB. Alternatively, you can pay securely online through PayPal however, this will incur a 3% surcharge. Another option if you are abroad is to send payment via Western Union money transfer. For more information such as company bank account details, simply visit our How to Pay information page.

SEO & Marketing Questions
Can I implement SEO with my store pages?

Yes you can. All the ecommerce websites we build in Thailand include an SEO plugin whereby you can edit page and product meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords. You will need to learn and understand the main difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO as described here:

SEO services in Pattaya

Do you provide ecommerce SEO services?

We provide ecommerce SEO & Marketing services with different packages and services on offer for passive or aggressive SEO marketing campaigns.

Should you market an ecommerce store any differently

All websites regardless as to whether they sell products or advertise services online will need an independent marketing campaign and strategy. However, all SEO campaigns still fall under the same category as both on-page and off-page SEO.

Have a question?

If you need more information about building an ecommerce website or starting an online business in Thailand then please contact our support team today who will be happy to assist you.