Thailand domain name reservation service

Every website needs a unique domain name that customers of the website can easily remember. Ideally, every business should own and operate a .com domain but with so many .com domains registered already, it’s almost impossible to register the domain name of your choice. However, you can still find a suitable domain name and if you are based in Thailand with a company limited then you can secure your domain.

Domain Name Registration
FIND A SUITABLE DOMAIN NAME are able to register your .com business domain for you for a small fee or for free with any new website design or yearly hosting package. If you require a then you must have a legally registered Thai company and the domain name must reflect the Thai company name. For example, if your company name is Web Design Pattaya Co Ltd then you can of course register the domain but you will not be allowed to register

If you are still not ready to build your website, you should at the very least register to reserve your domain name to avoid someone else or another company coming along to register it. You should also never send the domain name you require to any web design agency unless you are 100% sure you will use their web services. There are some companies in Pattaya who will register without your consent to try to force you into using their services.


Every day hundreds of thousands of domain names are being registered while many thousands are becoming expired and made available to register again. Your domain name is one of the first things you should register to protect your brand and business identity. So get in touch with us today as we can secure your business domain name in Thailand fast and easy.