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The Last Fandango

With Matthew on board, you can stop worrying about your website and concentrate on your business!

I was anxious about setting up my first website. Very anxious, in fact. I’ve just published my first book, and the website is the main marketing channel for it. So I wanted something striking and a bit different – a site that would give people the feeling and atmosphere of the book, which is set in the flamenco taverns of Spain and the bazaars of Morocco.

Like most people, I know how to use a computer, but I quickly get baffled with anything more complicated than WORD documents, email and surfing the net. In the past when I called on the help of computer experts to sort out a problem or set up some new software, I soon became confused by all the technical jargon. And I can see why some of those experts lose their patience with me: I’m too slow to follow what they’re saying – and with all due respect, they seem to live in a world of their own!

So, when I found DESCORP on the net and sent off an email asking if they could help launch my site, I wasn’t very optimistic. Almost fearful, actually.

Enter Matthew

His very first response to my enquiry told me I was dealing with someone very different from computer specialists I’d encountered before. He said:
“That’s fantastic. Before I do anything, I want to read the book. Get a proper feel for it. Then I can build something really special for you.”
I was taken aback. This is a 700-page novel that tells a very strange story – but Matthew set about reading it, sending me enthusiastic updates as he went along. When he’d finished:
“If you’ve got pictures you want on the website, just send them to me. If not, I’ll find them for you. And simply write the text you want in an email, or a WORD document. I’ll do the rest.”
I asked, hesitantly, if we could have music on the site.
“No problem. Just send me the YouTube addresses of anything you want. I’ll do the rest.”

I was starting not to believe how easy this was, and I said as much to a couple of friends. Especially as Matthew’s price was very reasonable compared to the competition. But I had to eat my words when Matthew mailed me after only a few days with the link to and I took my first look.

Breathtaking! Beautiful! The family couldn’t stop looking at it all evening!

Matthew created a site that perfectly captures the exotic settings of my book – it has a natural flow to it, the images blend perfectly with the music, and it’s as easy as could be for customers to order the book or email me directly. Readers regularly compliment me on it; a major publisher who contacted me thought it was the best author website he’d ever seen – and now his company is considering publishing my book under their imprint!

So my message is simple. If you feel you’re on unknown territory when it comes to setting up your own website – if you want the help of someone who listens to what you say, someone who explains things clearly without talking down to you – then look no further. Matthew has my fullest and warmest recommendation.

Robin Hellaby
Author, The Last Fandango

Happy Chef Thai Cooking School

Having had no experience in running a business and being an older guy and not extremely tech oriented, it was breath of fresh air to discover Matthew and Descorp. One phone call and he came to our business and went through a days lesson with us. That gave him the experience he felt he needed to best design our webpage. He then proceeded to design a great webpage that significantly improved our customer levels. Not only did he design it and get it on the internet for us. He continually upgraded it or made revisions as they were needed. As the years went by, he told me he thought we should upgrade to a different level with it that would reach more new I-phone and modern devices. He gave us a great deal to do that and the new webpage is wonderful. We had some glitches at the start but he worked with us to get all those straightened out and it works fabulously well now. Our business continues to grow each year and Matthew and his work are certainly a big part of that. Can’t recommend him enough, you will not be disappointed to work with him and Descorp.

Warren and Lom
Happy Chef Thai Cooking School
Pattaya Thailand

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