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Web Design Agency, Est.2004

The first native English speaking web design company in Pattaya, Thailand

In 1999 we started to provide website design services to clients from all over the world. As our company grew, we ventured into a relatively new market for website design services in South East Asia and formed PattayaMedia.com – a famous Chonburi based web design agency.

We were the very first native English speaking professional web design agency to open an office in Pattaya and we still service hundreds of Pattaya and Chonburi based businesses direct from Bangkok today.

In order for our company to be a success then your company and your website needs success too. This is why we are committed to building a long term relationship with all of our clients and will always be here to help make your online business a success story.

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Bangkok is better suited for our head office

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Due to the continued success of our web design agency, the services we provide, the rapid expansion we have faced over the years and the fact that we generate so much business throughout Thailand, we made the bold but right decision to relocate our offices to Bangkok in 2009.

Since our official move to Bangkok, Pattaya Media have grown from strength to strength and our level of service which was already industry leading has equally grown and we are committed to make our customers as successful as possible and provide the best advice wherever needed.

Our location in Bangkok is not an issue and will only help you and your business, since the infrastructure and business environment in Bangkok is far better for the IT industry.

Furthermore, in order to run a successful online business, you must make sure you are going to be able to communicate with your websites visitors. This is why we encourage you to get used to dealing with clients via email as through your website you will receive many enquiries, bookings, orders and questions from your customers online every week.

So to make your online business a success, you must be able to communicate with Pattaya Media and your customers online.

What Happened Next

The launch and growth of web design specialists PattayaMedia.com was a huge success and although initially based in Pattaya we later moved to Bangkok where we are now based and building our new company DESCORP to oversee all of our web design projects.

As our company expanded so did the services we provide and so we formed a web hosting and domain name registration company based in Bangkok.

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DESCORP Officially launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new parent business and website which serves as the head company behind all of our web operations and websites including PattayaMedia.com and other sites.

Staff at DESCORP will soon be updating all sites associated with our company as well as a new web hosting control panel and support centre that will benefit all of our customers in Thailand and worldwide.

DESCORP Web design agency

More from the boss

Ever since I first launched PattayaMedia.com I have overseen the design of many websites in both Thailand and abroad. A lot of the websites we designed for Thailand based companies were designed for start-up businesses.

I have been fortunate to watch many of these websites and the business they represent grow into some of the most famous companies in areas such as Pattaya and many other areas throughout Thailand and abroad.

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