SEO Tips Thailand – Making the most from your website design

How to improve your Google page rank and make your website a success have put together all the important points you need to know

SEO Tips – The Basic Guide

How to improve your Google page rank and make your website a success

Many people think they can buy a domain name, set up web hosting, launch a website and on the first day of the websites launch, generate many hits and sales of their products and services and become instantly richer. Think about it for one minute, if it were that easy, then surely we would all be millionaires.

There are many things one must do in order to make their online business a success and it doesn’t have to be difficult if you understand just a few basic rules.

If you follow the basis guide Thai webdesign company have put together below, then you are on the right path to making your website an online success.

SEO Tips Thailand

Basic Rule No 1: Website must have good written content and especially the home page


SEO Tips Thailand - Step 1We all do searches every day on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Generally speaking, if we type in a few words or short sentences and click search, then most of the sites that are displayed in the search results will be displayed because the sites listed will contain the search terms we typed.

Take for example, even though we have the word Pattaya in our domain name, we are not restricted in our web design services to just Pattaya City. We are commonly found by web searches for “Website Design Thailand” because these are the primary services we provide.

Because we provide website design services in Thailand, we must ensure that our web site pages contain this information. This is fundamental in the building of your site. You must ensure that your website pages, and especially your home page, contains examples of who you are, what you do, the services you provide or the products you sell.

So if your web pages are poorly written, then you are already off to the worst possible start.

Basic Rule No 2: Other websites must link to you


How many times have we all sat with family or friends drinking tea or coffee, been in the pub having a drink and been told verbally about a product or service by someone we know? This happens to us every day of the week. If we are not being told by friends, then we are being told by TV, Newspaper or website adverts.

Your new website is a baby in the online world. You are going to be competing with websites that may have been online for over 20 years. You can’t think that you are going to automatically jump ahead of these established sites after just one week of launching your site online. It’s just not going to happen. Not unless you have a site that sells a unique product like a “Dolphin shaped Coffee Machine”.

Sure, if you are the only website out there who sells “Dolphin shaped Coffee Machines” then the chances are very high that you will end up top of the search results in Google, Bing or Yahoo for “Dolphin shaped Coffee Machine”. But if you sell a common product or service, then you will not jump ahead of your competitor’s websites. Not unless you devote the time to find other websites out there who will link to your site from theirs.

You must, you simply must find as many web directories as possible and submit your website to be listed on their pages. This will help search engines find you, see that you are popular, and see that you are who you say you are because for example you are a web design company in Thailand whose website is listed on a Thai web directory that only lists Thai based websites and you are listed in the Computer section under a sub section titled “Web Design and Hosting Firms”.

So instead of watching a movie that you have already seen 5 times, just spend those precious 2 hours searching for some web directories where you may be able to submit your website for free. The end results will be worth it.

Basic Rule No 3: Get a blog and keep it fresh


SEO Tips Thailand - Keep Site FreshAlmost all the websites that design and build, function and run on wordpress software. What this means is that every customer has backend access to update their pages and post new news articles via the “post” section of their site.

This means every customer can write articles about their products and services and publish them live to their websites. Doing this can significantly help your business gain more hits that will ultimately lead to more sales.

Search engines like Google absolutely love fresh content. They will generally give sites that have fresher content posted a higher page rank.

If you want more hits that could lead to more exposure or sales, then post more news articles. But remember, if you are for example a web design company in Thailand, then you don’t want to be publishing an article about a great white shark attack in Australia because that has nothing to do with your site or the services you provide. You will need to post news and articles about web design, web hosting, domain names for sale, domain name registration, SEO, Google AdWords etc.

When posting news and information, make sure the information you are writing is in some way connected to the services you provide or the products you are selling.

Basic Rule No 4: Get a new website built


SEO Tips Thailand - Get a new websiteWe all own mobile phones, we all own laptops or desktop PC’s. We all know that while excellent, fast, clean and tidy they are when we first buy and use them, that over time, they start to fail us or become slow, outdated, battered and bruised. Websites are no different at all.

You should at the very least change your website design every few years to keep up with modern technology, the latest designs, and to especially make sure that your website functions on all the latest devices like mobile phones, newest tablets etc.

Technology changes every single day. When I look back on some of the sites that we built 5 years ago, that were beautiful in their time, I cringe. To compare them side by side with the latest designs we have built, well there is no comparison.

You must ensure you always have a beautiful, modern website built with the latest computer coding and technology. Because if you don’t, well your competitor will.

Basic Rule No 5: Don’t quit


SEO Tips Thailand - Never give upIt’s easy for some people to throw in the white towel. In life, you will always get winners and losers. You have to decide do you want to be a winner and make your business and website a success? Do you want the success of your business to improve your life and the lives of your family members? Or do you just want to give up and let your competitors win?

Starting any business can be daunting, and especially a web based business. But with the right mindset and the right about of devotion, you can build something great and everlasting. So never give up and always look to improve your business by following the basic steps listed above.