SEO Tips Thailand – Paid Advertising with Google AdWords

How to improve your Google page rank with paid Google adverts

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SEO Tips – Paid Advertising

How to improve your Google page rank with pay per click advertising

There are ways to almost guarantee that your website will be found for your chosen search terms and you can bring instant traffic to your site on the very day you launch and go live. The answer, paid advertising of course.

Paid advertising with Google AdWords is always worth trying regardless of how successful your website might be, because there might be a time when your competitors overtake you in the search results for your main website keywords.

Paid advertising with Google doesn’t have to be expensive. You are able to set out exactly how much you are willing to spend per day and can put a price cap on a certain amount so that you don’t go over x amount of money in any period or time frame (usually on a day by day basis).

Pay Per Click Advertising with Google

Advertising with Google AdWords

If you have ever searched at a search engine for a product or service, then the chances are you have clicked an advert on or another website you have visited that displays Google ads.

Advertising your website through paid adverts via Google is a very simple process and is also called “pay per click advertising”. The name says it all. It will cost you x amount of money for every click of your advert someone makes. But the best part of this, is that you can set the amount you are willing to pay for every click. The downside, you will need to spend the time experimenting with your adverts to get ahead of your competitors adverts or to make sure you are not over paying for every click.

For example, let’s say we would like to generate more traffic to with pay per click adverts on Google so that every time someone searches for “Website Design Thailand” then our advert will be displayed. But what if five other website design companies in Thailand have pay per click adverts for the exact search term “Website Design Thailand”. Who will be 1st in the listings and who will be 5th? It’s very simple, whoever set the highest amount of money they are willing to spend per click will rank 1st. So if we for example set up our advert to pay not more than 20 Baht per click and we find our website ranking 2nd in the paid adverts, then we know our competitor above us is paying more than 20 Baht per click while our competitors below us are paying less.

So if we would like to get our website above of our competitor and be ranked first, then we would need to (gradually) increase the amount we are willing to pay per click until we find our website is now top.

Save money and do it yourself

That’s how it works with Google Pay Per Click Advertising and it’s easily manageable by yourself. If you pay a website designer or SEO specialist to do this for you, then it will cost you an absolute fortune and you will lose valuable money that would be better spent on the adverts yourself.

I can tell you now also that if you hire an SEO company in Thailand to set this up for you, and run your adverts for you, then for every 1000 Baht you spend on adverts to generate traffic, their cut will be at the very least 3000 – 5000 Baht for the day to day running of your adverts.

If you run an online business and you are willing to lose up to 80% of every 1000 Thai Baht spent on paying an “SEO Specialist” to run your adverts for you then you should not be in business because the very concept of business is to make money and not lose it.

Take control of your business, take control of your website and you will be better off for all the knowledge and experience gained.

Important Points

  • Don’t use an SEO specialist – Thailand doesn’t have any
  • Save money by doing it yourself – SEO companies charge excessive rates
  • Don’t pay for Google advertising if your website isn’t ready
  • Don’t run Google adverts if you have an unprofessional website design
  • Make sure you have followed all our basic SEO tips before you pay for advertising
  • Look at competitor adverts, make your advert stand out better
  • Don’t start with high prices per click, start with a low amount
  • Set yourself a daily limit that you don’t go over unless your adverts are making money
  • Never give up, these things take time and patience