SEO Tips Thailand – Page content keywords

How to improve your website rank with the relevant page content keywords

Follow our tips and advice and your website will be a success

SEO Tips – Page Content Keywords

How to improve your Google page rank by using the correct words in your page content text

Writing text for the pages on your website is an art form. It takes special care and attention in detail to write the content for your pages that will not only sell your products and services, but make the search engines like your pages and want to rank them highly in the search results.

If you have read our basic guide on the top tips to gain a higher search engine rank for your website, then you will understand just how important your website body content text is and how important it is to get it right.

If you follow the free advice on this page on how to improve your search engine page rank with page content keywords, then you are already one step closer to achieving success for your business website.

SEO Tips - Writing page content keywords
SEO Body Content Text and Keywords

Use content keywords in your page body text

Every word, every paragraph, every heading and every sub heading truly matters when it comes to SEO and your website page rank. For example, this web page is an SEO Guide on how to use and write content keywords on your website in order to achieve a higher page rank or better page rank with Google and other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. So it’s no surprise that we have used a combination of high quality words in the page headers and page text to show what this page is all about.

To make it easier to understand, we have highlighted in red, all the content keywords within the body text on this page that search engines will find when they visit this page. This shows the search engines that this page really is an article focused on content keywords and so deemed resourceful.

But remember, this is just one of many steps to achieving a higher page rank. You can have the best written, most search engine friendly website in respect to page content keywords in your field of business however, all your efforts will be futile if you haven’t followed all the other basic steps in our SEO guide.

Don’t spam your pages

You will see from the above paragraphs of text we have used a good concentration of content keywords on this page. But ultimately and more importantly you will notice that we have not spammed the article with the same keywords over and over again.

You will also notice that despite the use of content keywords along with sub content keywords, the page and article in question is written in such a way that it does make sense, it is a simple and effective guide, it is clear and precise and it really will help people with any website understand how they should prepare the text on their pages.

So remember, keep your page content clean, resourceful and useful.

Important points to remember

  • Write from your heart
  • Clearly write about the services you provide or the products you are selling
  • Give detailed information but don’t over kill with too much data
  • Make sure every page has unique content
  • Understand that it’s not only content keywords that will give you a higher page rank
  • Keep your page content fresh and relevant
  • Get a blog and post, post, post an article at least once a week