Why is my site losing ranking – Part 1

What to do if your site starts losing it’s Google keyword rank You wake up one morning and find that your email inbox is full up with more junk emails than new sales leads. Something isn’t quite right. In fact, it’s been like that for a few weeks now. So you do a little homework…

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Make use of effective writing

Effective website writing

Make use of effective writing on your Pattaya business web pages Your company in Pattaya is competing with more than one other business in Pattaya who also sells and advertises the same products or services as you do. The chances are, they also have a business website that ranks higher than your website in the…

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Must Have eCommerce Website Features

eCommerce Website Features

Must Have eCommerce Website Features PattayaMedia.com are regularly approached by Pattaya and Thai business owners who have e-commerce websites and online stores that are significantly underperforming. One quick look at their ecommerce website and it’s very easy to see why. There are some must have features that every ecommerce website must have in order to…

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50% off all current customers new site revamp

Pattaya website design promotion

Get a newer and improved website design PattayaMedia.com are offering all our existing clients only the chance to update their old outdated current website to a newer improved modern design. As technology changes you will find the browsers on mobile phones and other devices used by your old and new clients to view and access…

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Website mistakes made by Pattaya businesses

8 website fails that your business is making

8 Website fails and how to fix them Below is a useful guide on some of the most common mistakes made in website designs. If your Pattaya business has anyone of these listed problems, then your business is losing out to other Pattaya companies. Contact PattayaMedia.com today to find out how we can help you…

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Why you need a website for your Pattaya business

The importance of a company website

Why it’s so important to have a company website We all have mobile phones, we all have a desktop PC, laptop or tablet of some kind and we all use the internet daily and weekly to search for products and services online. There are still so many businesses in Pattaya who still do not have…

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Website planning basic guide

Website planning – Basic guide

A basic guide to planning your website design When designing a website, you will have many questions to ask yourself about the direction you would like your new website to take. You will face many questions such as: How many pages will I need How much text and data should be on the pages What…

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design

What is a responsive website design To put it simply – a responsive website is a site that will load across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops PC’s with a version adapted to the screen size of the device. A good example is to look at the screen size of your…

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